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Hansen's Upgrade septic system

Hansen Upgrade

This tank is manufactured specifically to add onto an existing tank. It may be necessary to upgrade a system due to it’s age or you may be doing an extension to an existing home.

Any discharge of effluent to land requires approval from Environment Canterbury and local councils. Hansen’s can undertake the preparation of a site specific design for your property and follow through with the supply and installation of your septic system. Contact us for a quote.

Advanced features

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  • Suitable for all soil types and high groundwater levels.
  • Add onto a suitable existing tank to make an Aerated Treatment Plant.
  • Dripline discharge can irrigate garden or trees.
  • Low power usage.
  • Plug-in control box means no electrician needed for change over. If power is off the system can be plugged into a generator.
  • Alarm panel has lights indicating system on, alarm for high level and low pressure alert.

Building Consents/Effluent Designs

Prior to building consent being issued by local councils, a design for the discharge of effluent must be prepared and approved by Environment Canterbury and then by the local council as part of the building consent application.

Hansen Contractors have been undertaking the preparation of these site specific designs for several years now and we find that our clients like the convenience of being able to deal with the same company for all their septic system and drainage requirements.